Currently teaching:

In Spring 2016, I will be the instructor for AMS7L: Statistical Methods For The Biological, Environmental, And Health Sciences Laboratory.

Enrolled students can find the syllabus and additional resources on eCommons. Please contact me at acadonna at if you have issues accessing the course webpage.

Past quarters at UCSC

Graduate Student Instructor:

  • Instructor of record for AMS7L: Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences Laboratory (Summer and Fall 2015) – Instructor of record

Graduate level courses:

  • Teaching Assistant for AMS 132/206 Classical and Bayesian Inference (Winter 2014 and 2016) – taught by Professor David Draper (Winter 2014) and Professor Rajarshi Guhaniyogi (Winter 2016).
  • Teaching Assistant for AMS 203: Probability theory  (Fall 2013) – taught by Professor Raquel Prado.

Lower division courses:

  • Teaching assistant for AMS 5:Statistics – aught by Dr. Bruno Mendes.
  • Teaching Assistant for AMS 80a: Gambling and Gaming (Winter 2013) –  taught by Dr. Bruno Mendes.

At Politecnico di Milano

  • Tutor for Statistics, Politecnico di Milano, Spring 2012 – taught by Professor Alessandra Guglielmi.